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To make sure that you’re maintaining good health, see family medicine provider Patrick W. Hisel, MD, PA, and his team in Mineral Wells or Weatherford, Texas. They offer superior care with preventive medicine to keep you healthy and free from serious health conditions that could cause harm to your body. Reach out by calling for an appointment today, or use the online booking tool.

Preventive & Wellness Services Q & A

What is preventive medicine?

The practice of Patrick W. Hisel, MD, PA, specializes in preventive medicine that focuses on helping patients avoid the development of sickness and disease. The team examines your current health status and offers ways to keep you well.

An annual wellness exam is one of the best ways to ensure that you maintain a healthy plan for your life to ward off the threat of sickness.

The family medicine practice looks at any risk factors that could come your way by assessing your:

  • Personal medical history
  • Family medical history
  • Medications
  • Environmental surroundings
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep habits
  • Emotional health
  • Mental health
  • Physical activity

The team talks with you about what you’re doing right to keep your health strong. They also consult with you about ways you can improve your lifestyle to maintain good health and enhance the quality of your life.

How can preventive medicine help me?

Preventive medicine provides a wide range of services to keep you well and help you avoid chronic disease.

At your annual wellness exam, the team might offer the following to help support your health:

  • Advice or counsel on risk factors
  • Vaccines
  • Screenings for sexually transmitted disease (STDs), cancers
  • Pap smear for cervical cancer screening
  • Prostate exam
  • Bone density test
  • Weight loss program
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Blood glucose level testing

The team might also test you for allergies and asthma, among other chronic diseases if needed, as well as screenings as part of your comprehensive exam to check your overall wellness.

How often should I have an annual wellness exam?

The Patrick W. Hisel, MD, PA, team encourages yearly preventive medicine exams. Not only will you develop a strong relationship throughout your health journey, but your provider keeps a medical track record of your past wellness exams, allowing them to compare your health status year to year.

Monitoring your health regularly gives you a lower risk of developing unwanted health issues in the future. You may need to see the team more than once a year if you have high-risk conditions that need monitoring. The goal is to watch your health closely and to maintain your wellness throughout your life.

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